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Located in Davidson, North Carolina, we are a small hobby kennel dedicated to the best breed of dogs in the world – the Aussie.  All our puppies are raised in the home in the hopes that they will be successful in every activity that they are put to and will also be champion pets!

When I brought my first show bred Aussie home I was not sure how a dog who had lived in a kennel all her life would react.  As I write this she is curled at my feet and I have to laugh at how much concern I had.

The best part of an Australian Shepherd is that the are so versatile.  While I love the conformation ring I get as much joy in Agility, Obedience and Rally and herding.  And the best part – I can do it all with one dog!  Well with EACH of my dogs!

When I made the decision to get into breeding was not taken lightly.  I cannot even walk into Petco or PetsMart and not break down at all the homeless animals.  In my home I have rescue cats and dogs – the indiscriminate breeding and the throw away society we have become weighs on my mind.  In the end I decided that my Aussies not only fit the breed standard they are incredible family pets as well.

The proof is in the fact I no longer have a name, people see Bumble Bee and yell HER NAME – I am just the leash holder.  It does not matter if I am at a horse show, or my son’s school or around the block.  People first comment on her beauty, but in the end they are in love with her personality.  This now also happens with Sting, Memphis and Bacon, I have become the ANIMAL SERF.

I am so lucky to have a great mentors who assist me in trying to make the best Australian Shepherds possible.  Temperament, Health and conformation – in that order of importance because without a healthy happy family dog you have nothing!

While I do plan to breed oocassionally, my priority is raising and competing with my own dogs.  Any puppy that is bred or co-bred by me will have the guarantee that I will always be there for them.  I have done thorough genetic testing, CERF, OFA and will spare no expense in their care.  A puppy is a commitment not only to the buyer but to the seller as well and seeing a happy puppy and a smiling family is the perfect happy ending.

For me the day I saw Bummy I realized I was the luckiest person on earth and I want everyone else to feel that way.

– Jodie


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