CIV Part 5 – Random Musings

  1. First symptoms were either a reverse sneeze or a cough.  Then temperatures climbed and then within 24 hours it got really bad.  My last dogs barely got a cough out and theywere on meds and getting their temperatures taken.  They were also the lightest cases.  Was it because I caught them fast and on the right drug combo  – I don’t know.
  2. I already mentioned the crate covers but I will mention them again.  We were surrounded on all sides by dogs at the show, the ONLY dogs that were directly exposed from my dogs did not have crate covers.  Yes I am having crate covers made!
  3. Many of the sick dogs seem to be coated breeds.  My guess is that it is because they are in the grooming area the most, exposed the most.  It makes sense, not sure it is correct but it makes sense.
  4. Exposure varies.  On the day that our puppy came down with this, she showed in her 9-12 puppy class where the judge checked bites.  She then played in a pen with another puppy friend.  NONE of these dogs came down with CIV yet a dog two crates down that was near her 20 minutes did.  There is no rhyme or reason.
  5. My sickest dogs for the most part were from the show.  I have a friend in the health industry, as she said – Showing is stressful.  Their immune system was stressed.  Two of my sickest were at the show, Bummy had a mid-range case.  Only one of my dogs from home had a serious case.  The others were strong cough and elevated temperatures but not as extreme.  Memphis was as sick as Sting and Bacon, he was home.  No clue why – he and Sting are inseparable so he stressed that Stinger was gone?  Who knows.
  6. Vaccinate or no vaccination?  Honestly I see pros and cons.  I think the best decision is for people to talk to their veterinarian and make an educated and informed choice.  Their is no right answer for all, just a right answer for you.
  7. While sick, everyone stopped shedding and as they got better the fur was flying?  That became my telltale sign because I was cleaning crate pads multiple times and it went from vomit to nothing then to hair and then HAIR.  Was it from the fevers that they stopped shedding?  No clue but as they began to shed I would breath a sigh of relief.
  8. The biggest lesson in all this I learned is to never again be complacent when it comes to kennel cough.  We all roll our eyes.  We all know it happens.  I think that is what the cause of this was – people thinking it was JUST kennel cough.  Then it was too late.  When I got home I did not quarantine because I though it is “just” kennel cough.  We had no clue at the time that the flu was around.  Never again.
  9. We all need to be more aware at shows.  We all need our own version of “See Something, Say Something”  COughing dogs mean you are escorted out.  The people around you need to be told.
  10. Somehow we need to make it *safe* to report sick dogs.  Not sure how this would happen but thank goodness for Social Media.  I believe Facebook literally saved dog’s lives. 
  11. The number of dogs dignosed vs dogs that have the flu is not even close.  In my group of 17 only one dog was tested.  Why?  Well her test was $300 (I have seen the cost vary from $35-$300).  All of our dogs had the same symptoms and our vets all agreed the lab result was unneeded when we treated the same.  Yes, it makes people upset but in my case I would have to bring in 7 sick dogs (I was using my Prius as the dog ambulance and that would mean multiple trips) and my vet was charged $150 by the lab.  It made no sense to me to spend almost $1000 to get a diagnosis for something I already knew (although I guess it would have shut up those who thought I faked this).
  12. A huge shoutout to Purina Farms.  We alerted them and they jumped into action.  I have told people if I had to go to a show right now Purina would be the place.  They tracked where the dogs who got sick had been located and did an extra cleaning.  I cannot give them enough credit.
  13. None of what I write should be construed as medical advice – this is just my story of what worked for MY dogs.  Everyone should talk to their vet and make an informed decision on what is best for their dogs.  I am not a veterinarian, nor play one on TV or stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.



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