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I will start with this – everything I link on this page I use. I also am not getting any kickback or affiliate links so you do not need to worry about scrolling through pages of me waxing unpoetically so that lots of ads get viewed.

If I missed something or you have ideas – let me know.

Show Leads

I use regular slip leads on the Pekingese and a Resco on Hamilton. I used to have the incredibly awesome beaded leads with the Aussies but with the coats on the Pekes and in training Hami these were what I use and continue to use.

Cherrybrook Dog Supplies

Resco – Amazon

There are varying lengths and thickness of these so I basically have every color and size. Speaking of, I started having a hard time keeping the leads together and I bought this necklace traveling case on Amazon and OMFG I love it, it takes up no space and is really easy to keep everything clean and not lost!

Speaking of leads I am also completely obsessed with the Biothane slip leads I have like 20 of them and they are the best leads I have ever used. In fact I just bought another 8! They come in a ton of colors too.

Crates and Trolleys

Everyone starts out usually with the regular wire crates. I know I did. Currently all of the Aussies use Impact Crates – a combination of the regular and there super awesome Hybrid (RIP due to COVID) but they no longer make the smaller sizes so I had to shop around on those.

East Coast crates are absolutely lovely and I was actually looking into them but then I realized that Best in Show Trolley not only makes trolleys but crates. I have a four berth trolley which allows me to keep all three dogs together and one space for junk, a set of 200 stacked crates with wheels and a collapsible 200 as well. The collapsible fits in a suitcase so if I have to fly with the dogs I put the crate in a suitcase and then am set at the destination.

Their crates are a little cheaper than East Coast but what I love is they are color coordinated with my trolley (purple shimmer) and I like having all of my equipment matching. I will say you do not have to spend this much money (fun fact the GOAT himself Mr David Fitzpatrick has wire crates and wheels) so do not feel you have to – but I will say that when you decide to upgrade do it right – all of my crates will last a lifetime and in fact I have some 400 Impacts I am not using but they are like new and have gone up in value so I hate to part with them.

Also do not forget to put crate tags on your crates. I bought some really cool bone shaped tags for my crates on Etsy and you can put a custom photo on them. I get compliments all the time on them and they are really nice and if anything happens, people can contact me.


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