Pequest Who Tells Your Story

NamePequest Who Tells Your Story “Eliza”
BreedingMBIS MBISS GCHG Pequest Pickwick x Pequest Pousse Cafe
BreederDavid Fitzpatrick
OwnerJodie and Steve Strait
HandlerJodie Strait
TitlesAKC pointed (13 to date) AKC Toy Group Placing, AKC NOHS Toy Group Placing, AKC Puppy of Achievement.
TestingEmbark Testing (no specific testing is recommended by Pekingese Club of America but yes she is a Pekingese!)

Eliza’s Story

As I mentioned when discussing Dear Leader (Mabel Who) I have been a fan of Pekingese since I met Malachy, but my first true stalking victim was Chuck (aka Pequest Pickwick) so when David sent me some photos of a few day old Chuck puppies I was squealing like a 12 year old girl finding out her parents bought tickets for her to a Boy Band.  It was incredibly painful to wait and wait and wait.

Did I mention I had to wait?  I had been on David’s list for over a year and dutifully called every month to check and remind him I was still waiting.  Finally in May David said to make a trip up so of course I did and literally was terrified he would call and say well lets push the visit back.  I was so paranoid I was going to be late I left the hotel an hour early then sat at a gas station 5 miles from his out just so I would not get stuck in traffic!

When I got there David showed me a couple of litters but honestly the minute I saw Eliza I literally fell head over heels in love.  It reminded me of when I met Bumble Bee Strait – I just literally felt my heart leap out of my body.  I did look over the other puppies as well but I knew Eliza would be coming home with me.  I also got to play with Chuck and Wasabi and Chuck reminded me so much of Mabel (they are very similarly bred) and I wanted to steal him.  Wasabi thought about peeing on my purse and David told him not to and I said if he peed on it I would put it on a shelf with a plaque that read “Peed on By Wasabi”

I took Eliza to the Concord show and showed in the 4-6 puppy and she was a rockstar, she walked the ring (if you have not ever shown a Peke you would not understand how difficult it is to show them), stacked and everything.  I was so proud of her!  She met a ton of people and loved everyone – I really feel she and I will be having a ton of fun in the ring!  She was Worth the Wait!

She went Winner’s Bitch the very first time in the ring and in two weekends has six points – I am so proud of her but more than that I am honored to have a dog of this caliber. She makes my heart smile.

Eliza’s name comes from the Musical Hamilton and is a line where  they discuss Alexander Hamilton was almost lost to history but his wife Eliza steps into the spotlight and keeps him alive in the story of the United States.  I felt it was fitting as I hope Eliza helps to tell my story in the Pekingese breed.


Greensboro, NC

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