Greensboro, NC

ClassBest of BreedClass6-9 puppyClass4-6 puppy
Points2 GCHPointsNadaPoints2 POA
NotesHe had fun!NotesNo bitches showed upNotesShe is a BOSS!

Show Notes

This was a local show that I could drive up for every day. Had it not, to be honest I would not have entered and after looking at numbers would have stayed home but it was less than an hour away and I wanted to get Angelica out and about.

Tibbie numbers were dismal, there was one class dog two days and two male Specials. It is strange that this breed tends to have way ore bitches than males and my friend Carol’s lovely 4 year old male Vern was showing so my chances of a breed win were low. The first day Hamilton was wide open and did not show very well but did get Select for one point. We skipped Saturday as the class dog was not entered and Tibbies and Pekes were really close and on Sunday Hami showed really well.

Well enough he actually was considered for Breed (Vern deservedly went breed) and free stacked really well. Carol gave me some tips on showing him which I greatly appreciated. I was supoer proud of my 9 month old puppy. I am planning to show him one day in Raleigh and then he will be put up for a month or so – he is too young to compete against mature dogs and I see so many people push a nice young dog and then by the time they are ready to show – the judges are sick of them and the dog is over showing.

Our last goal for the year will be Royal Canin – so proud of Hami.

Eliza showed really really well but there were no bitches so no points for us. It was a small but mighty Peke ring and it was great to see Mark Steven pop over with the majestic Eros and get a Best in Show. He is such a lovely dog! We got BOBOH the first day and had planned to stay and show but the rings got off schedule and I would not show until after 7 so we went home. I was kind of bummed but I still had not gotten Angelica ready and I was exhausted.

Angelica was the super star. Eliza has always been bold but Angelica is more sit back and wait. I brought her on Saturday just to watch as I had not given her a bath (I ran out of time) but Mark grabbed a brush and got her decent looking and we put the leash on her and decided to see if she would go around the ring. She did!!!

Sunday (after a bath LOL) she was AMAZING. She stood on the table stacked like she had done it many times then went around the ring like a boss. Tail up she literally marched around the ring. I was so proud of her being that good the first time at a show. I have a feeling that she will be a force in the ring!

THe show itself was fun – I set up with the Herding people which was fun and still love the camaraderie of the TIbbie ring – it is still mostly Owner Handled which is a lot of fun and obviously was excited to chat all things California (our mutual love of In N Out) with Mark. While we did not have a ton of points walking away, I was very proud of the kids!


Raleigh, NC

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