Pequest Mabel Who

Mabel and son Maui
Registered Name: Pequest Mabel Who (CH Pequest Charlie Chan x CH Pequest Sanibel Sunshine
Call Name: Mabel, The Who, Dear Leader
Owner: Jodie Strait
Breeder: David Fitzpatrick
Progeny:  AKC Champion producer
A few months after I talked to David about getting a pet puppy, he contacted me and said that he had a girl that he had in his breeding program that he thought would fit with my dogs (when I originally spoke with him he had me bring Stinger over to get a feel for the temperament of my dogs) and would I consider a grown dog versus puppy?  I immediately said YES and that is how we ended up being owned by Mabel Who.  Now we wonder how on earth we lived without this amazing girl.
I will tell you, she is so sweet and funny and runs the house with an iron paw.  Pekes do not suffer fools – when they love you, you have earned it.  They are amazing watch dogs, nothing makes Mabel more happy then when she can chase the Amazon guy (one guy actually screamed and from that day forward nothing brings her more joy then ensuring they know this is HER house and they better leave quickly.  The joy in defending her territory and her complete fearlessness is infectious.Mabel and son Maui
She also is very loving (when she wants to be) and when Bummy got sick it was Mabel who stayed with her while we got the car ready to rush her to the vet, when Bacon had a reaction to anesthesia it was Mabel who alerted me to the fact he was unconscious.  In the darkest days after losing Memphis she literally bullied me to keep me going.  It is amazing this tiny warrior can impact every part of our lives.
The thing that you learn about a Peke is that these are extremely hardy dogs.  She actually is the most active dog in the house overall.  Before we got her I thought they just wanted to sit on your lap and get brushed.  Well Mabel hates getting brushed (she will want to go outside after I get her all brushed to go roll in the mulch).  These dogs are not big cuddlers – she is usually around but prefers to do what she wants.  I was told to get a cool mat – the cats love it – Mabel gave me a dirty look. 
She keeps you on your toes – if I am in a hurry that will be the time she decides that its time to take a stroll.  Speaking of – do not EVER put a leash on her we have an agreement, no leash or sweaters and she will stay close by.  Its just amazing to have her in our lives and we are so excited to add more of these fabulous dogs into our lives.


I wish I remembered the date but it was at a show in 2011 (I think Raleigh) and…

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