Calabrone Carbonara

Registered Name: Calabrone Carbonara
Breeding: RBIS GCHS Bayshore Stings Like A Bee CA x GCH Crofton Peanut Butter and Jelly
Call Name: Bacon
Owners: Jodie Strait and Steve Strait
Bred By: Jodie Strait, Lisa Hall and Linda Braun

Handled By: Jodie Strait and Megan Hof

AKC and ASCA registered.  Frozen semen available

Testing:  Cone Degeneration: N/N, Canine Multifocal Retinopathy: N/N, Collie Eye Anomoly N/N, Degenerative Myelopathy: N/N, Hereditary Cataract: N/N, E-Locus:  N/N MDR: N/M, OFA Eyes: Normal (tested 2016, 2017), OFA Dentition: Full, OFA Hips: Good, OFA Elbows: Normal, CHIC #:  128065, DNA: ASCA DNA-VP, AKC V797497.

Titles: AKC pointed, World’s Most Perfect Puppy.  HRH Prince Bacon of Baconia

I wanted a red merle girl from this cross.  As I sat in the room next to the surgery room as my reproduction vet was doing an emergency C-Section on Jelly (because of course I am never allowed to have an easy whelping LOL!) I heard her calling out, “Red Tri Boy….Red Tri Girl…Red Merle Boy…Red Merle Boy…Red Merle Boy.  Okay so there goes that dream!  But as I looked at them one boy stood out a huge and I mean HUGE male in the litter.  So big he was the reason for the section – he literally was a porker (my vet’s words)

I named him on the spot BACON.

Since the moment he was born he had my heart and I tried to build walls around it because I did not need a male I have THREE I do not need another.  But I am so “must practice what I preach” – you keep not what you need but what is best for you – and for me it is Bacon.

And he makes me smile, he is silly and sweet and laid back.  He has incredicle bone, his movement and structure is spot on and he has the most gorgeous head.  And he broke down the walls and stole my heart.  I have big dreams for him.

It is true.  Everything is better with Bacon.  There is no puppy in the world with a better temperament than this silly, yet sweet boy!  At the 2016 USASA Nationals we were asked to meet Josh, a child there as part of his Mak A Wish trip.  He was a dog lover and wanted to pet a puppy – we were asked if Bacon could be that puppy.

I could never be prouder of Bacon, at just under 3 months of age, he licked and loved on Josh and even sat on his lap for photos.  I think he won Josh and his parents over to wanting an Aussie.  This is better than any Best in Show – a puppy with this temperament is amazing!

We are absolutely head over heels in love with this puppy, he is even a hit with the Cat Mafia.  He is all of our hopes and dreams.  I cannot thank Lisa and Linda enough for allowing me to lease Jelly and get this amazing boy. 

Bacon has been showing about once a month (rotating AKC and ASCA) just to get him acclimated.  I do not believe in pushing for points out of the puppy classes so we just go for fun.  In the limited showing Bacon has done very well, he is competitive in his age bracket and has one AKC point to date.

I had really wanted to add size and Bacon definitely does that, he is a fraction over 22 inches but his proportions are great.  His wonderful, loving personality has not changed a bit and everyone who meets him cannot get over what a wonderful boy he is.  We will continue to show him limited through USASA Nationals.




Wind Spirit Rod’s Amazing Grace

Registered Name: MBIS MBISS GCHP Wind Spirit Rod’s Amazing Grace Breeding: GCH Wind Spirit Nobody Does It Better…

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