Calabrone This May Sting A Bit

Registered Name: Clineland This May Stings A Bit at Calabrone
Breeding: RBIS GCH Bayshore Stings Like A Bee x Diamonds Are Forever Clineland
Call Name: Deuce
Owners: Jodie Strait and Steve Strait

AKC and ASCA registered, neutered.

Titles: AKC Point earner. Most likely to resemble a mountain goat

When Deuce was born he looked just like Stinger.  As he grew older he kept looking like Stinger.  I did NOT need another male…but he looked like Stinger.  He moved like a dream…but I did NOT need another male.  He was amazing in every single category except the wrong sex – I definitely did NOT need him.

So of course I kept him!

What can I say about Deuce but he definitely was put on this earth for a reason – a reason that must assume that I somehow annoyed the dog show Gods because well – he does the craziest things.  And I don’t mean normal crazy things, I mean CRAZY.  Pull-your-hair-out-fall-to-your-knees-crazy.  He thinks he is a mountain goat and any surface is fair game.  Okay, you say that’s not so bad.  I mean what is the harm of your dog sitting on a grill?

Well Deuce thinks the higher the better (I did mention the fool has no fear right?).  One day in the spring he and my husband were sitting in Steve’s office and I came home from work.  All the other dogs were outside and were barking happily that I came home.  Deuce waned in on the fun so he hopped out the open window and went with the pack to the gate by the garage to great me.  How cute!


Poor Steve came running down the stairs sure he would find a hurt Deuce dragging his broken body – nope not a scratch, not a limp not even a glimmer of remorse.  A few weeks later we had him neutered (did I mention he stopped growing at 6 months and topped out at 18 inches?) and again was upstairs (this time Steve kept his window open a crack) and Steve went to get the mail and heard a dog barking.  All the dogs were in the house and he could not figure out where the noise came from so he walked around the house and there was Deuce this time on the roof, with his “cone of shame” around his neck.  At least this time he decided to not jump and instead was inspecting the roof.

The window is no longer allowed to be open when Deuce is up!

Deuce’s other amazing ability is to get dirty.  No worries on whose crate is who’s – the one the houses Deuce always has dirt.  He loves the mud, he loves to be dirty and can be disgusting within 5 minutes of being outside.

You must be wondering why this dog with few redeeming qualities is at my house.  He refuses to do any performance events, we have tried lure coursing, dock diving and rally.  Rally is like trying to tame a tornado, he refuses to jump into CLEAN water and his idea of a CAT test is doing a perfect sit stay while watching the lure go around the course!  He has no interest in doing anything but what he enjoys.  First, he stays because despite the fact he is crazy and ridiculous and causes havoc I love him.  Second and more importantly my husband loves him.  Big mistake having them bond – now I am stuck with him!

He actually though is amazing with puppies.  He is very kind to them and shows them the ropes (sadly this includes getting dirty) but he makes my husband smile so what can I say.  And he truly is famous and everyone loves to hear new tales from this crazy dog. 


Calabrone Never Miss A beat

Registered Name: Calabrone Never Miss A Beat at Clineland Breeding: RBIS GCH Bayshore Stings Like A Bee x…

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