Crofton Peanut Butter and Jelly

Registered Name: GCH Crofton Peanut Butter and Jelly (retired)
Breeding: BISS ASCA AKC CH ROMX-III ROM-C-II Stormridge’s He’s All That CD TDI x AKC/ASCA CH Crofton Hopscoth
Call Name: Jelly
Owners: Jodie and Steve Strait
Bred By: Linda Braun

Testing:  Collie Eye Anomoly N/N, Hereditary Cataract: N/N, MDR: M/M, OFA Eyes: Normal (tested 2014, 2015, 2016), OFA Dentition: Full OFA Hips: Good, OFA Elbows: Normal, CHIC #:  103273, DNA: ASCA Complete.
Jelly came to us on a lease from Lisa Hall and Linda Braun to be bred to Stinger.  To say JB had a roungh time whelping would be an understatement.  An emergency C Section at the age of 6 and a first litter to boot – Jelly was dealt a bad hand for sure.  She had little maternal instinct toward the puppies and a very troubling recovery.  She would nurse them when bribed with food (we brought in an animal behaviorist to assist) so we all muddled through it.
You would think that a situation like this would make all parties disagreable but the opposite happened.  Jelly was kind and sweet to her *adopted* children (she never thought they were hers) and was willing to try and help.  She had the best disposition through the entire ordeal and she took a piece of our heart when she went home to her owners.
A funny thing happened – we missed her.  Like crazy.  So I casually let Lisa and Linda know that IF they looked for a retirement home for Jelly we would like to be considered.  Yes I know I need a non breeding dog back like I need a hole in my head but Jelly was so special to us.  Luckily a few months later our JB was back at HOME.  She jumped back into the pack like she never left!  While she and her son Bacon look alike, she still is not convinced he is hers LOL.
Jelly and my husband have a love affair going on that is slightly – okay that;s a lie IS over the top.  She loves to lay on the couch or bed and just hang out with the family.  She will always have a place in our family.  Possibly the sweetest girl there is, her sunny disposition always gives us a smile. 

Raleigh, NC

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