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Class4-6 Puppy
NotesHami is a ham!

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This was my first show with Hamilton and I was not sure how he was going to react and I should have not worried at all. The minute he and I rolled into the show grounds he decided that he was there to be ogled and admired. Basically if you made eye contact with him then you were obligated to pet him.

Our breeders Marcia and Jim were also at the show and it was great to get to know them. Hami had to show against his sister Dorothy and being in front was not stellar. It was my first time showing a table breed and I also had to figure out what was the right speed and how to hold the leash.

People do not understand that switching to a different size etc is really tough. I had been watching Youtube video but it is a lot and at the same time he is a baby puppy as well. Going forward I will do a day by day breakdown but as everyday was the same and it was Hami vs Dorothy I will do just one update.

I think by being the boy and going first it made it harder in the short term but Hamilton started to not worry about the dog behind him which was WONDERFUL and Marcia and Jim gave me some great pointers on how to show the breed. We had a wonderful time and it was great getting to know them.

We also were able to pick up our double decker crates from Best in Show Trolleys – they are really really well made and honestly the best priced aluminum crate on the market. I was able to get them to match my trolley too which was great. We picked them up on the way to the show and got to go into the factory where they make them – so cool.

I am so excited about showing this wonderful dog!


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