Pinehurst, NC

Class6-9 Puppy
ResultWinners Dog (2), Best of Winners
NotesFirst point!

Show Information

First big boy show! We stayed at the Sure Stay Plus in Pineville I stay at this hotel on every trip to this show and while it is a bit old the owners are wonderful and they are working to upgrade as they go and they are really great people. Highly recommend!


I had talked Pinehurst up so much that Hamilton’s breeders decided to come! No pressure on me! Team Arabelle was the entire entry and Hami was the only one in dogs so we got Winner’s Dog by default. I was so excited to show to Stephanie Hedgepath who was one of my favorite herding breed judges – I had no idea she used to have Tibbies!

It is so great to have a judge you really like love your breed! Hamilton was Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex (only boy) for his first point! I was so proud of him especially outside in weather that was good then rainy. He had a blast playing with his sister Dorothy – so blessed to have these breeders!


I was told today’s judge could be cranky and I think I made him mad. Dorothy was Winner’s Bitch today and her and Hami were starting to play fight in Best of Breed. I tried to move him out of the way while he was going over the Special and then was going to go back in line. Well that was NOT what he wanted and he barked at me to get back in line. Honestly Hami showed the best of the three (we all agreed) and I thought I may have Breed but nope I did not get Best of WInners so no points and obviously no breed ha ha.

It was just a weird place where he had all three dogs and himself and a table – I know for later to just make it work and not do anything he does not dictate. But we still left the show with one point and I was proud of my just turned 6 month old puppy! Jim and Marcia loved the show too even with the crazy weather!!!


Fletcher, NC

Dog Hami Class 6-9 Puppy Results Winners Dog (4) Best of Winners (2) Notes Six points and a…

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