Fletcher, NC

Class6-9 Puppy
ResultsWinners Dog (4) Best of Winners (2)
NotesSix points and a major!

This was our first show on our own without Marcia and Jim and of course I added my new puppy Eliza into the mix. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Fletcher. The hotel itself was very nice but one of the manager’s decided I must not have paid the pet deposit and shadowed me to my room. Of course I did pay it and so there was no issue but I found it very creepy.


Hamilton had an amazing day going Winner’s Dog and then Best of Winners for a three point major. I was over the moon that my little six month puppy did so well. He is learning how to show and doing such a great job. He and ELiza were having a great time in the room. I bought a bunch of treats from M and M Barkery and Hami figured out Eliza cannot jump up so he systematically grabbed all the chewies and put the on the chair!


Hamilton again had a wonderful day in the ring and was Winner’s Dog but no crossover for a major. At first I was disappointed but then I realized Hamilton is not even 7 months old and while it would be awesome to have both majors, its also okay for him to spend some time in the ring. He is still getting solid on the table and while he is a lovely puppy, he is just a baby and I need to not be concerned about finishing him too fast.

Eliza had a lovely time meeting people and walking around the rings. She just takes it all in and is so self-assured and happy. I have only had he a bit over a week and I am completely in love.


Today was a major in dogs and I was so excited. Hami did wonderful in his 6-9 class and we were standing ringside when a dog tried to jump him and he was rattled. Unfortunately that was right when he went in for Winner’s and he showed really bad. The dog that took Winner’s Dog was almost four years old and way more mature so I have no clue if we were going to actually beat him (he was only entered on the weekend and finished with these points) but Hami was really unfocused.

He is a baby so we will chalk it up as such and see what happens tomorrow! I went to watch the Peke ring and the steward was showing and going to be late so I offered to steward. I had to run down to the other building (they were using two) and grab the books and set up. The Peke people helped me get everything organized and grab numbers while I got the ribbons and books out.

Honestly the only person who was not thankful was the judge who wanted me to “hurry up.” Considering that I volunteered and had the books and ring set up in less than 10 minutes (with 5 of that running back and forth) it would have been nice to be a bit grateful considering I was not scheduled to steward and I was doing a favor.

Once the steward came to the ring I got her transitioned and watched the rest of Pekes and was thrilled that my friend Kay and her boy Ramsey won. The head steward asked me if I could help out in a few more rings which I did. Note: Everyone should steward because then you would see how much work the judges and the stewards do. I was more than happy to help out!


Luckily Hamilton had no ill affects from the spooking incident and once again was Winner’s Dog but no crossover. I really really thought I had it as the judge really watched Hamilton in breed and never looked at the bitch but then pointed at her. Again, he is a young puppy and I am not going to push him but I am afraid it may be tough to find majors and you always want one if needed!

I think I bought the kids some more treats – they love the tripe chewies (they are so disgusting but I am not chewing them). Hami also won a very cool bag and a cooler – great prizes at this show!


Final day of showing and I absolutely adored judge Johnny Shoemaker. He ran such a great ring and had a lovely hand on the dogs. It is interesting to see judges in other groups. A couple of judges I loved when I showed Aussies have not impressed me and other who I did not love are wonderful in the toy and non sporting. I find it fascinating.

Hamilton was Winner’s Dog and Best of Winners but the major broke so it was only one point. I say that with a smile as my sweet baby puppy now has SEVEN points in two weekends! We went home tired but so excited for the future.


Concord, NC

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