Calabrone The Big Easy

Registered Name: ClineLand The Big Easy at Calabrone
Breeding: RBIS AOM GCHS Bayshore Stings Like A Bee x CH Empyrean Six Alarm Sexy at Copperridge
Call Name: Nola
Owned By: Jodie Strait, Marilyn Enterline

AKC / ASCA registered.

Testing:  Cone Degeneration: Pending, Canine Multifocal Retinopathy: N/N (parentage), Collie Eye Anomoly N/N (parentage), Degenerative Myelopathy: N/N (parentage), Hereditary Cataract: N/N (parentage), E-Locus:  Clear MDR: N/N, OFA Eyes: Normal (tested 2019, 2020), OFA Dentition: Full, OFA Hips: Good, OFA Elbows: Normal, CHIC #:  Pending, AKC DNA: Pending.

Nola is one of those dogs whose tining has just sucked.  We let her grow up and literally as we went to start showing her COVID hit and sadly there will be a large section of dogs impacted by this.  I do hope to get her finished at some point but we will probably be breeding her first and then show her which is not something I want to do but just cannot be helped.

I try to let my dogs grow up before I show them which is usually a great thing but the show ring is a difficult place right now and I have to spend my money on Coda at this point so Nola may not finish before breeding.  Currently there are few shows and the handlers are backed up and her pedigree is something I do not want to lose.

In two short months Nola garned 9 points including a major.  SHe got points almost every weekend showing.  She blew coat so we had to give her a break from showing but we dohope to put titles in front and back of her name!

Her dam has an amazing pedigree and she will be bred to Coda as soon as she comes in heat – after that my hope is COVID will allow shows to begin again and I can get this pretty girl in the ring – I think she is drop dead gorgeous!!!


Canine Influenza

I had such high hopes for the USASA Nationals at Purina Farms, partly to see my dogs show,…

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