Tibetan Spaniel Nationals

Class4-6 Puppy
ResultsBest of Opposite Sex, Puppy Group 3
NotesHe is a Rockstar

Show Information

Our first National Specialty with a new breed! Steve even came with me (maybe it was the American Airline flight credits which allowed us to fly first class) and he never comes to shows!. we stayed at the host hotel Hampton Inn Springfield South and it was wonderful.


We flew up on Wednesday so that I could do the seminars on Thursday. I love learning new breeds and the Tibetan Spaniel is just so fascinating as a breed. Since it is young in the United States there are people who were here in the beginning that are able to tell about the first shows etc.

It was well worth it to attend – I love this breed.

We went to dinner with Jim and Marcia and a few other new Tibbie friends and it was so fun. After dinner Marcia and Jim came to the car to see Hami (we had him in a crate in the car – it was cool enough while we were at dinner) and when he saw Marcia he literally came apart. He was screaming like he was dying but it was just joy / shock and he attacked her with kisses. You always know a breeder loves their dogs when the dog is so excited to see them.

I may have some slight hearing issues now but Hami was so happy!


The National Specialty day! It was again Hami vs Dorothy and so far Hami is losing the head on competition and sadly today was no exception. The judge was wearing some strange perfume and when she came up Hamilton leaped OFF the table.

Luckily I was able to catch him but I do not think that helped us in our quest and to judge siblings (who look alike) is difficult and the Opposite Sex ribbon was gorgeous so we were great with that. I also got to run into Clara Brown of Winddrift Aussies! She also has Tibbies so we were laughing at how two Aussie people ended up at the Tibbie Nationals. Her boy Boomer (also from Arabelle) is lovely!


There was a Tibbie Specialty but no 4-6 puppy so we did the regular show 4-6 puppy and Hamilton FINALLY defeated his sister. I think Marcia and Jim were happier than me! Hami got a Puppy Group 3 as well. We were able to meet my uncle for dinner as he lives about an hour away which was wonderful. Hamilton decided to rip up the toilet paper in celebration of defeating his sister.

Since we were meeting Steve we did not go to the Tibbie Awards banquet but we found out the 2023 Specialty is in Idaho in April. I am cold just thinking about it.


Ji and Marcia left the show to visit family so we were the only 4-6 month puppy entry. I went to pick up our number and was informed that we had to wear a mask. I checked the premium and there was no information that said this could occur and no other day were masked required, in fact it was on in this one ring.

I took a mask and Hami’s eyes got really big so I returned my number and we left early. I know I could have gone to the AKC rep and complained but to what point. Had I known I could have practiced with a mask but I had not and I preferred to not scare my puppy. So instead we spent five fun filled hours in the airport waiting for our flight!


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