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We stayed at the Hampton Inn and decided it was our most favorite hotel EVER at a dog show. Literally 5 minutes from the show but super quiet with tons of grass and a really REALLY good breakfast buffet!

Thursday – Day 1

I had both of the girls entered today and was also on call to assist Hami’s breeder if his sister Dorothy went Winner’s Bitch, since their sire William was showing Marcia cannot be in the ring. Sure enough Dorothy went Winners Bitch for a 4 point major and she and I got to go around the ring in Best of Breed – she is so much like Hamilton and it was a real blast to play with her.

For some strange reason I entered both girls in 6-9 and luckily Alex was able to help me and showed Angelica. Angelica had done really well in the 4-6 puppy class a few weeks ago but I am not sure if it was Eliza and Mommy behind her or what but she spent more time spinning like a top then actually going around the ring. Eliza I am pretty sure was smirking while she followed behind but Angelica had her tail up and stood really well on the table and I was super proud.

We were the entire bitch entry so Eliza got a point and Angelica got Reserve and lots of kisses. Uncle Rum Dum (Angelica’s mother is Rummie’s sister) was Best of Breed and also got a Group 2!

Eliza and I did the Owner Handler Toy Group and she showed really really well – it’s hard for a 8 month old puppy in a pretty stacked group but she did great even when the judge did a very scary lift and literally almost swung her up to his head – it did not bother my bold girl thankfully.

Friday – Day 2

I had told Alex how great she and Angelica did but today she learned that the 6-9 Peke class is the best seat in the house! David was showing Angelica’s sister today so it was a family affair and the two sisters put on quite a show of exuberance. David Fitzpatrick is truly the GOAT and watching him with a puppy who was dancing and prancing was so fun and as expected he won the class with Eliza in second. WHat was great is Alex getting to see how you just let a baby be a baby and its okay for them to be a bit exuberant.

Angelica lived up to this by literally bunny hopping on her back legs the entire time! Her down and back were absolutely stellar as well as her stack. Eliza was pretty sure the two of them were insane. She is much too princess-y to act like that

I again got to show Dorothy as she went Winner’s Bitch again and this time for a five point major! Daddy William got a lovely Group 2 and Uncle Rummie won the Toy Group!

Saturday – Day 3

Alex and I had a conflict so I asked my friend Carson if she would show Angelica for me and Angelica was much better today (we tortured Alex with this as she was so mad she did not make the ring). Today David and Angelica’s sister went Winner’s and Eliza and I got Reserve Winner’s Bitch over his Bred By – I was very happy as the judge was Jason Hoke who is a pekingese breeder and it was like a Reserve Best in Show for us!

I had not planned to show Hamilton as the breed ring had 4 male specials and he really is too young and my focus was helping Dorothy but my friend needed one more dog for her Bronze so Hami and I showed and I was soooo proud of him – the judge actually considered us which was nice but as expected his sire William was Best of Breed and my friend Carol and the handsome Vern were Select to finish his Bronze!

Best in Show had three of my people in it – Lenny and his GSD River, David and Rummie and Diego and William. In the end it was Trumpet the Bloodhound for the win – he is spectacular!

Sunday – Day 4

Today it was just the girls showing and I can tell you that there has never been a ring more fun than the Pekingese ring. Once again it was David and Angelica’s sister, Eliza and Angelica and we were all having a blast. Rosalind Kramer the judge was literally having as much fun as the rest of us and I have to think having a class of bouncy gorgeous puppies has to be a judge’s dream.

Eliza was on fire and literally looked the judge in the eye’s and she melted and said ‘oh my’ which made me so proud. Angelica finally had it all pulled together and showed amazing. In the end it was the same as the day before including Eliza beating David’s BBX for reserve.

Now I am sure people are wondering if it was hard to get beat three days in a row – the answer is NO. The reason? Because David Fitzpatrick is truly the greatest of all time and his presentation skills and grooming are second to none and the privileged to have two of his dogs AND to be in the ring with him and learn is amazing. And frankly I think all of the dogs were lovely but he can present a dog better than anyone and the wins were well deserved – I also know by giving me reserve the judge’s were rewarding my work as well. If anything it supercharged me.

The girls were really tired so we went back to the room and the three kids took a nap and chewed on some dehydrated cow tails to celebrate.

Monday – Day 5

The last day of the cluster and Angelica saved the best for last. Carson again showed her in the classes and she put it all together and won the 6-9 (David had left yesterday after Groups) and I was so excited I picked her up in the ring and the judge was a bit curious why second place was holding the winner – I had to explain she was mine and he laughed.

I took her in for Winner’s and she was Winner’s Bitch for her first points! Eliza was Reserve over the Bred By girl. The judge really liked Angelica and she was the boss of the ring! In Breed I literally had to stop to let the Winner’s Dog and Breed dog go as she was marching around the ring. She was Best of Winner and also Opposite (by default as there were no special bitches). We did not get BOBOH as I did not show her in the class but I was not planning to stay as they were not starting the groups until 4 pm and we wanted to get home.

We piled into the car and headed home! We have about six weeks off until our next show and I am so proud of the kids as these 5 day clusters can be so tough on them!


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