Concord, NC

Class6-9 Puppy DogClass4-6 Puppy
ResultReserve onceResultPuppy Group 2, Puppy Group 4
NotesFirst show without pointsNotesFirst time in the ring

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Concord is a local show so no hotels to mention!


Eliza was a very good girl in her first 4-6 puppy event and got a lovely Group 2. The judge had read the standard and was well prepared for the exam and I was so proud of Eliza. Peke puppies are very opinionated and they can be very difficult to get around the ring but Eliza was a champ!

Hami won his class but did not even get looked at in Winner’s Dog, our good friend Sherry and her puppy Hunter won and got the major which we were very happy about!


I wrote down the wrong time for Eliza’s ring and missed it (BOOO). Hami won his class and then there was some kind of issue in the ring before we went in for Winner’s Dog and it really rattled him. I will say our judge Gus Simbaldi gave him every opportunity to get it together but he did not and we went Reserve.

Now I have no idea if we would have gone winners (congrats to our friend Hunter!) but I appreciated that he gave him time to settle. He is judging in Greensboro and I will be planning to give him an entry!


Eliza showed in the morning and did very well, we got a Puppy Group 4 with eight entered. I am starting to get annoyed at judges being shocked my Pekingese can actually do a down and back. Today the judge made us go around the puppy group ring twice just to see if she could – duh she is a dog!

Annoying but we will take the Group placement lol.

One of the dog’s was limping and so we came home early to make sure everything was okay. The major had broken in Tibbies so I did not impact.


Richmond, VA

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