Pekingese National Specialty

Class4-6 Month Puppy
ResultsWe had fun!
NotesWe showed three times, all under Breeder judges and it was wonderful!

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As I have said multiple times, you go to Nationals not to show but to watch the show. It was my first time flying solo with a dog and this time was a breeze although Eliza got some strange looks at the gate. She never made a peep the entire time.

I did find out that they will let you fly with a completely solid icepack (check out my favorite things page for details) which made it very easy. I also had my back up ziplock in case but there were no worries.

We stayed at the host hotel the MCM Elegante and it is very clean and the people were lovely and all in all it was great. The club did an amazing job setting up – it was truly the nicest National Specialty I have ever been to.

I was able to meet so many people from all over the world and the judging was top notch. I was completely bowled over by Eros (Aslan Silvergate Enticing Eros) I had seen photos but in person he is even better. Eros and his amazing owners Lori and Mark Stephens have amazing dogs and they invited me to come visit and I plan on taking them up on it!

I am very very excited to get in the ring, I learned so much just absorbing and ELiza was a good girl and showed very well – it was a great experience even if ELiza got called a cat and a hamster at the airport (RUDE!)


Greenville, SC

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